TEST 1 INFO - 1-16-08HW read chapter 1 in the book and read...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-16-08HW read chapter 1 in the book and read the story linked off elearning.How we understand what it is to be human (Us vs Them):We compare ourselves to other people where we were born and growing up in different parts of the world makes us all differentOur understandings of ourselves are dictated by how we view others.EX:Six Flags over Texas represents the 6 nations that claimed parts of the current state of Texas.1.Spain2.France3.Mexico4.Republic of Texas5.Confederate States of America 6.United States of AmericaFoundations of Knowledge:Epistemology the nature and source of knowledge (how you know what you know)Different Sources of Knowledge:Sense experienceLogicAuthorityRevelation or Faith *Science depends upon sense experience and logic.*Opposing points of view should be able to be verified and other people should be able to test this information.The Scientific Method:Scientific arguments need to be:FalsifiableObjectiveAnthropology the study of humanity the study of everything people do (direct fieldwork is the best way to study this) everything is understandable:What makes anthropology a science:1.creates hypotheses2.tests these hypotheses through observation3.replicable4.development of a general model to explain observations5.checks model against new observations and other models**Cultures must be understood on their terms, not ours.Theory how anthropologists look at thingsMethod how they try to gather information about the worldPractice the kinds of work they do and the lives they leadAdaptations how people relate to their environmentsStructures the basic ways in which human society is organized Meanings how people make sense of their livesEthnographic the study or description of a people; conveys the need for that study to be detailed and thorough.Holism all the different pieces of what people do add to a comprehensive, complex whole, and that you cannot understand the pieces without understanding that whole.5 Primary Subfields of Anthropology:1.Biological Anthropology how humans evolved2.Archaeology figure out how people lived in the past3.Cultural Anthropology study and observe different groups of living people and try to preserve that 4.Linguistics the way that people talk different languages 5.Applied Anthropology apply what you know from the other fields and help people perform betterMethodological Perspectives Shared Throughout Anthropology:1.Holistic all aspects of human culture need to be taken into consideration (eating, sleeping, language, ceremonies, etc.)Usually these studies must be performed over a long period of time the people doing these studies usually must live among the people they are studying for at least a year....
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TEST 1 INFO - 1-16-08HW read chapter 1 in the book and read...

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