sentiment.txt - 1 it may be a no-brainer but at least it's a funny no-brainer 1 it's got all the familiar bruckheimer elements and schumacher does

sentiment.txt - 1 it may be a no-brainer but at least it's...

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Unformatted text preview: +1 it may be a no-brainer , but at least it's a funny no-brainer . +1 it's got all the familiar bruckheimer elements , and schumacher does probably as good a job as anyone at bringing off the hopkins/rock collision of acting styles and onscreen personas . +1 a fleet-footed and pleasingly upbeat family diversion . +1 muccino seems to be exploring the idea of why human beings long for what they don't have , and how this gets us in trouble . but even while his characters are acting horribly , he is always sympathetic . +1 a breezy blend of art , history , esoteric musings and philosophy . -1 the film would have been more enjoyable had the balance shifted in favor of water-bound action over the land-based 'drama , ' but the emphasis on the latter leaves blue crush waterlogged . +1 the sword fighting is well done and auteuil is a goofy pleasure . -1 the entire movie is filled with deja vu moments . -1 the film is so bad it doesn't improve upon the experience of staring at a blank screen . -1 been there , done that . . . a thousand times already , and better . +1 'almodóvar logra un filme entrañable , lleno de compasión , comprensión , amor , amistad , esperanza y humanidad que es sencillamente inolvidable . ' +1 maneuvers skillfully through the plot's hot brine -- until it's undone by the sogginess of its contemporary characters , and actors . -1 a broad , melodramatic estrogen opera that's pretty toxic in its own right . +1 enjoyably fast-moving , hard-hitting documentary . -1 it's the type of stunt the academy loves : a powerful political message stuffed into an otherwise mediocre film . -1 a bit too derivative to stand on its own as the psychological thriller it purports to be . -1 woody allen used to ridicule movies like hollywood ending . now he makes them . +1 mr . caine and mr . fraser are the whole show here , with their memorable and resourceful performances . -1 the story itself is actually quite vapid . +1 a splendid entertainment , young in spirit but accomplished in all aspects with the fullness of spirit and sense of ease that comes only with experience . -1 journalistically dubious , inept and often lethally dull . +1 as a randy film about sexy people in gorgeous places being pushed and pulled ( literally and figuratively ) by desire . . . [sex and lucía] makes for an arousing good time . +1 there are a couple of things that elevate " glory " above most of its ilk , most notably the mere presence of duvall . +1 uses sharp humor and insight into human nature to examine class conflict , adolescent yearning , the roots of friendship and sexual identity . -1 nearly all the fundamentals you take for granted in most films are mishandled here . -1 the whole affair is as predictable as can be . -1 one of the most unpleasant things the studio has ever produced . +1 smith examines the intimate , unguarded moments of folks who live in unusual homes -- which pop up in nearly every corner of the country . +1 an inuit masterpiece that will give you goosebumps as its uncanny tale of love , communal discord , and justice unfolds . -1 . . . jones , despite a definitely distinctive screen presence , just isn't able to muster for a movie that , its title notwithstanding , should have been a lot nastier if it wanted to fully capitalize on its lead's specific gifts . -1 it's a fanboy 'what if ? ' brought to life on the big screen . -1 a relative letdown . +1 morvern rocks . +1 beautiful , cold , oddly colorful and just plain otherworldly , a freaky bit of art that's there to scare while we delight in the images . -1 even with a green mohawk and a sheet of fire-red flame tattoos covering his shoulder , however , kilmer seems to be posing , rather than acting . and that leaves a hole in the center of the salton sea . +1 " it's all about the image . " +1 jeffs has created a breathtakingly assured and stylish work of spare dialogue and acute expressiveness . +1 it's never dull and always looks good . -1 it's as if allen , at 66 , has stopped challenging himself . +1 a strong first act and absolutely , inescapably gorgeous , skyscraper-trapeze motion of the amazing spider-man . -1 with recent tensions rekindled by the kathleen soliah trial and the upcoming trial of sla members emily and william harris , not to mention sept . 11 , its difficult these days to appreciate fire's bright side . -1 formula 51 has dulled your senses faster and deeper than any recreational drug on the market . +1 a candid and often fascinating documentary about a pentecostal church in dallas that assembles an elaborate haunted house each year to scare teenagers into attending services . -1 it's probably not easy to make such a worthless film . . . +1 in all fairness , i must report that the children of varying ages in my audience never coughed , fidgeted or romped up and down the aisles for bathroom breaks . +1 a glib but bouncy bit of sixties-style slickness in which the hero might wind up caught but the audience gets pure escapism . +1 as broad and cartoonish as the screenplay is , there is an accuracy of observation in the work of the director , frank novak , that keeps the film grounded in an undeniable social realism . +1 a lean , deftly shot , well-acted , weirdly retro thriller that recalls a raft of '60s and '70s european-set spy pictures . -1 wishy-washy . -1 bravo reveals the true intent of her film by carefully selecting interview subjects who will construct a portrait of castro so predominantly charitable it can only be seen as propaganda . -1 there's a delightfully quirky movie to be made from curling , but brooms isn't it . +1 it confirms fincher's status as a film maker who artfully bends technical know-how to the service of psychological insight . -1 the rock has a great presence but one battle after another is not the same as one battle followed by killer cgi effects . +1 an ambitious 'what if ? ' that works . -1 the movie straddles the fence between escapism and social commentary , and on both sides it falls short . -1 follows the original film virtually scene for scene and yet manages to bleed it almost completely dry of humor , verve and fun . -1 even if it made its original release date last fall , it would've reeked of a been-there , done-that sameness . -1 for all the writhing and wailing , tears , rage and opium overdoses , there's no sense of actual passion being washed away in love's dissolution . +1 brutally honest and told with humor and poignancy , which makes its message resonate . +1 . . . is funny in the way that makes you ache with sadness ( the way chekhov is funny ) , profound without ever being self-important , warm without ever succumbing to sentimentality . -1 it's drab . it's uninteresting . it squanders chan's uniqueness ; it could even be said to squander jennifer love hewitt ! +1 michael moore's latest documentary about america's thirst for violence is his best film yet . . . +1 transcends its agenda to deliver awe-inspiring , at times sublime , visuals and offer a fascinating glimpse into the subculture of extreme athletes whose derring-do puts the x into the games . +1 the lady and the duke is eric rohmer's economical antidote to the bloated costume drama +1 i have a confession to make : i didn't particularly like e . t . the first time i saw it as a young boy . that is because - damn it ! - i also wanted a little alien as a friend ! -1 pure of intention and passably diverting , his secret life is light , innocuous and unremarkable . -1 even those of a single digit age will be able to recognize that this story is too goofy . . . even for disney . -1 at times , the suspense is palpable , but by the end there's a sense that the crux of the mystery hinges on a technicality that strains credulity and leaves the viewer haunted by the waste of potential . +1 director david jacobson gives dahmer a consideration that the murderer never game his victims . -1 a profoundly stupid affair , populating its hackneyed and meanspirited storyline with cardboard characters and performers who value cash above credibility . -1 an unholy mess , driven by the pathetic idea that if you shoot something on crummy-looking videotape , it must be labelled 'hip' , 'innovative' and 'realistic' . -1 rice is too pedestrian a filmmaker to bring any edge or personality to the rising place that would set it apart from other deep south stories . -1 unfortunately , the picture failed to capture me . i found it slow , drab , and bordering on melodramatic . +1 mostly martha could have used a little trimming -- 10 or 15 minutes could be cut and no one would notice -- but it's a pleasurable trifle . the only pain you'll feel as the credits roll is your stomach grumbling for some tasty grub . +1 overall , interesting as a documentary -- but not very imaxy . -1 an unwise amalgam of broadcast news and vibes . +1 the film has the high-buffed gloss and high-octane jolts you expect of de palma , but what makes it transporting is that it's also one of the smartest , most pleasurable expressions of pure movie love to come from an american director in years . -1 in the end , the weight of water comes to resemble the kind of soft-core twaddle you'd expect to see on showtime's 'red shoe diaries . ' -1 the acting by the over-25s lacks spark , with csokas particularly unconnected . +1 despite what anyone believes about the goal of its makers , the show . . . represents a spectacular piece of theater , and there's no denying the talent of the creative forces behind it . +1 just another fish-out-of-water story that barely stays afloat . -1 eh . +1 conceptually brilliant . . . plays like a living-room war of the worlds , gaining most of its unsettling force from the suggested and the unknown . +1 fred schepisi's film is paced at a speed that is slow to those of us in middle age and deathly slow to any teen . with a cast of a-list brit actors , it is worth searching out . -1 a film that should be relegated to a dark video store corner is somehow making its way instead to theaters . it's hard to imagine acting that could be any flatter . -1 the two leads are almost good enough to camouflage the dopey plot , but so much naturalistic small talk , delivered in almost muffled exchanges , eventually has a lulling effect . -1 the jokes are sophomoric , stereotypes are sprinkled everywhere and the acting ranges from bad to bodacious . +1 this is the kind of movie that used to be right at home at the saturday matinee , and it still is . +1 very well-written and very well-acted . -1 an ugly , revolting movie . -1 one problem with the movie , directed by joel schumacher , is that it jams too many prefabricated story elements into the running time . -1 apallingly absurd . . . the chemistry or lack thereof between newton and wahlberg could turn an imax theater into a 9 " black and white portable tv . -1 collateral damage is , despite its alleged provocation post-9/11 , an antique , in the end . as are its star , its attitude and its obliviousness . -1 the longer the movie goes , the worse it gets , but it's actually pretty good in the first few minutes . +1 the lightest , most breezy movie steven spielberg has made in more than a decade . and the positive change in tone here seems to have recharged him . +1 this is a stunning film , a one-of-a-kind tour de force . -1 a fast-paced , glitzy but extremely silly piece . +1 this isn't a retooled genre piece , the tale of a guy and his gun , but an amiably idiosyncratic work . -1 i'm sure if you're a hartley fan , you might enjoy yourself . . . me , i didn't care for it . +1 as hugh grant says repeatedly throughout the movie , 'lovely ! brilliant ! ' +1 just offbeat enough to keep you interested without coming close to bowling you over . -1 the iditarod lasts for days - this just felt like it did . +1 schepisi , aided by a cast that seems to include every top-notch british actor who did not appear in gosford park ( as well as one , ms . mirren , who did ) , has succeeded beyond all expectation . -1 i could have used my two hours better watching being john malkovich again . -1 to my taste , the film's comic characters come perilously close to being amoses and andys for a new generation . +1 the piano teacher is not an easy film . it forces you to watch people doing unpleasant things to each other and themselves , and it maintains a cool distance from its material that is deliberately unsettling . +1 you're not merely watching history , you're engulfed by it . +1 from blushing to gushing---imamura squirts the screen in ‘warm water under a red bridge' -1 animated drivel meant to enhance the self-image of drooling idiots . -1 ultimately , sarah's dedication to finding her husband seems more psychotic than romantic , and nothing in the movie makes a convincing case that one woman's broken heart outweighs all the loss we witness . -1 the problem is that for the most part , the film is deadly dull . +1 aside from rohmer's bold choices regarding point of view , the lady and the duke represents the filmmaker's lifelong concern with formalist experimentation in cinematic art . +1 fast , frantic and fun , but also soon forgotten -1 loses its sense of humor in a vat of failed jokes , twitchy acting , and general boorishness . -1 the film is so packed with subplots involving the various silbersteins that it feels more like the pilot episode of a tv series than a feature film . -1 everything in maid in manhattan is exceedingly pleasant , designed not to offend . it goes down easy , leaving virtually no aftertaste . -1 lucky break is perfectly inoffensive and harmless , but it's also drab and inert . +1 a typically observant , carefully nuanced and intimate french coming-of-age film that is an encouraging debut feature but has a needlessly downbeat ending that is too heavy for all that has preceded it . +1 no , it's not as single-minded as john carpenter's original , but it's sure a lot smarter and more unnerving than the sequels . -1 a chiller resolutely without chills . -1 [t]he film is never sure to make a clear point – even if it seeks to rely on an ambiguous presentation . -1 i'll go out on a limb . it isn't quite one of the worst movies of the year . it's just merely very bad . +1 a timely look back at civil disobedience , anti-war movements and the power of strong voices . -1 deserving of its critical backlash and more . +1 simple , poignant and leavened with humor , it's a film that affirms the nourishing aspects of love and companionship . +1 it was only a matter of time before some savvy producer saw the potential success inherent in the mixture of bullock bubble and hugh goo . +1 these three films form a remarkably cohesive whole , both visually and thematically , through their consistently sensitive and often exciting treatment of an ignored people . +1 . . . while each moment of this broken character study is rich in emotional texture , the journey doesn't really go anywhere . +1 monte cristo smartly emphasizes the well-wrought story and omits needless chase scenes and swordfights as the revenge unfolds . +1 it treats ana's journey with honesty that is tragically rare in the depiction of young women in film . +1 campanella's competent direction and his excellent cast overcome the obstacles of a predictable outcome and a screenplay that glosses over rafael's evolution . -1 viewers will need all the luck they can muster just figuring out who's who in this pretentious mess . +1 the pianist is polanski's best film . +1 all the actors are good in pauline & paulette but van der groen , described as 'belgium's national treasure , ' is especially terrific as pauline . +1 a gorgeous , witty , seductive movie . -1 it's hard to understand why anyone in his right mind would even think to make the attraction a movie . and it's harder still to believe that anyone in his right mind would want to see the it . +1 throws in enough clever and unexpected twists to make the formula feel fresh . +1 the additional storyline is interesting and entertaining , but it doesn't have the same magical quality as the beginning of the story . i like the new footage and still love the old stuff . -1 you can see the would-be surprises coming a mile away , and the execution of these twists is delivered with a hammer . thumbs down . -1 it's provocative stuff , but the speculative effort is hampered by taylor's cartoonish performance and the film's ill-considered notion that hitler's destiny was shaped by the most random of chances . -1 unfortunately , heartbreak hospital wants to convey the same kind of haughtiness in its own sketchy material but this territory has already been explored previously with better aplomb and sardonic wit . -1 largely , this is a movie that also does it by the numbers . -1 how much you are moved by the emotional tumult of [françois and michèle's] relationship depends a lot on how interesting and likable you find them . +1 the draw [for " big bad love " ] is a solid performance by arliss howard . +1 dark and disturbing , but also surprisingly funny . +1 kids will love its fantasy and adventure , and grownups should appreciate its whimsical humor . -1 my response to the film is best described as lukewarm . maybe i found the proceedings a little bit too conventional . +1 filled with alexandre desplat's haunting and sublime music , the movie completely transfixes the audience . -1 as with too many studio pics , plot mechanics get in the way of what should be the lighter-than-air adventure . +1 para hitler , o mundo era sua tela ; e o horror , seu pincel . e max retrata este fato com elegante abandono , numa triste constatação da realidade histórica . +1 it's dark but has wonderfully funny moments ; you care about the characters ; and the action and special effects are first-rate . +1 assured , glossy and shot through with brittle desperation . -1 i felt trapped and with no obvious escape for the entire 100 minutes . -1 the idea is more interesting than the screenplay , which lags badly in the middle and lurches between not-very-funny comedy , unconvincing dramatics and some last-minute action strongly reminiscent of run lola run . +1 the film sparkles with the the wisdom and humor of its subjects . -1 . . . unbearably lame . +1 eerily accurate depiction of depression . -1 this is the first full scale wwii flick from hong kong's john woo . he's not good with people . -1 the four feathers is definitely horse feathers , but if you go in knowing that , you might have fun in this cinematic sandbox . +1 shanghai ghetto , much stranger than any fiction , brings this unknown slice of history affectingly to life . -1 what's missing in murder by numbers is any real psychological grounding for the teens' deviant behaviour . being latently gay and liking to read are hardly enough . -1 this painfully unfunny farce traffics in tired stereotypes and encumbers itself with complications . . . that have no bearing on the story . -1 the problem with the bread , my sweet is that it's far too sentimental . -1 competently directed but terminally cute drama . -1 heavy-handed exercise in time-vaulting literary pretension . -1 mr . wedge and mr . saldanha handle the mix of verbal jokes and slapstick well . their film falters , however , in its adherence to the disney philosophy of required poignancy , a salute that i'd hoped the movie would avoid . +1 it's a remarkably solid and subtly satirical tour de force . -1 godawful boring slug of a movie . -1 a wannabe comedy of manners about a brainy prep-school kid with a mrs . robinson complex founders on its own preciousness -- and squanders its beautiful women . +1 zhang . . . has done an amazing job of getting realistic performances from his mainly nonprofessional cast . -1 . . . a low rate annie featuring some kid who can't act , only echoes of jordan , and weirdo actor crispin glover screwing things up old school . -1 painfully padded . +1 charles' entertaining film chronicles seinfeld's return to stand-up comedy after the wrap...
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