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Andrew Sobler American History 2 8 th December 2007 “Why We Can’t Wait” paper Civil rights leader Martin Luther King Junior’s book entitled “Why We Can’t Wait” is a gripping novel, that called for all African-Americans to rise up against their white oppressors, not through violence, but he suggested all African-Americans must unite together and stand together, that was the only way they could finally get their freedom that they have longed after for such a long time. The one quote from the introduction of the book I found most powerful was, “Across the miles they joined hands, and took a firm, forward step. It was a step that rocked the richest, most powerful nation to its foundations.” This quote, I think, symbolizes what King was trying to point out in his thesis stated earlier, that even two black children, who don’t know each other, may have some personal differences, would still be able to stand together for the same overriding cause, freedom, and the institution that they were going to stand up to in order to get it, the government of the United States. King also writes in the introduction that even though Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation may have freed blacks from the bonds of slavery, they were still not equal, and that with certain laws in place they were still being treated as “2 nd class citizens” in some parts of the country, especially the South. On a personal level this book really affected me. I had never fully realized the struggle for civil rights that blacks went through until I read this book. The way in which King described the situation was just so influencing and good. There is not a doubt in my
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mind that the influential writings in this book were what helped King eventually win the Nobel Peace Prize. In the first chapter of the book, there is one quote I find to be very important to what King is trying to say. “Negroes for decades have endured evil. In the words of the poet had long asked: Why must the blackness of nighttime collect in our mouth; why must we always taste grief in our blood? Any time would seem to have been the right time.” In this quote King is commenting on why this “revolution” is happening now in 1963. He says anytime would’ve been fit for it to happen, but he just wonders why it decided to happen now. It may have been because of the rise in racial tension of the years leading up to it. The events such as those in Little Rock, Arkansas and Montgomery, Alabama gained such national attention that it almost probably had to probe some sort of calling for African-Americans to stand up for their civil rights that they were supposed to be guaranteed by our Constitution. Another quote I find to be very important in relaying King’s message of peace
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whywecantwaitpaper-1 - Andrew Sobler American History 2 8th...

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