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test 1 reviewx2 - Definition of Psychology what is...

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Definition of Psychology – what is psychology? Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior. Goals of psychology – Description of behavior using careful observations; explanation involves indentifying the causes of behavior; prediction allows for specification under which the conditions will occur OR NOT occur; Psychological knowledge can be used to assist changes in behavior. Here is a general outline: Description- describable, Explanation- can be explained, and prediction- what happens next. Areas of specialization in psych physiological- biological basis of behavior; Comparative- behavior across species; Behavioral analysis- how environment affects behavior; Behavioral Genetics - how genetics affect behavior; Cognitive- mental processes; Cognitive neuroscience- cognitive plus psychology; Developmental- human lifespan; social- group behavior; Personality- individual differences, temperament Clinical- mental health disorders Historical perspectives Exp psychology- Structuralism – the system of experimental psychology that began with Wilhelm Wundt, it emphasizes introspective analysis of sensation and perception. Functionalism- an approach to understanding species behaviors and other processes in terms of their biological significance; this approach stresses the usefulness of suck processes with respect to survival and reproductive success. Psychoanalytic- A form of psychotherapy aimed at providing the client with insight into his or her unconscious motivations and impulses; first developed by Sigmund Freud. Behaviorism – a movement in psychology that asserts that the only proper subject matter for scientific study in psychology is observable behavior. Gestalt- a form of therapy that emphasizes the unity of mind and by teaching the client to “get in touch” with unconscious bodily sensations and emotions Modern approach - Research Methods Basic vs. applied research- basic research seeks answers for theoretical questions (why do bears hibernate), whereas, applied research seeks answers for specific applications questions (programs to eliminate domestic violence). Scientific method-
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test 1 reviewx2 - Definition of Psychology what is...

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