ME418 Lecture 4 Polymer Science and Polymer Physics

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4: Polymer Science and Polymer Physics Tuesday, February 19, 2008 1:44 PM Hermann Staudinger o Polymerization paper June 12, 1920 Polymers are not colloids.  They are rigid rods (Macromolecules) Developed Polystyrene (polymerization of Styrene CH 2 =CH Herman Mark o Sure, Polymers are not colloids, but they are flexible macromolecules o @ BASF - worked with Meyer Polymers can crystallize With a high enough T, then reduced, molecules fold themselves into  crystals Father of Polymer education in the US Carothers o Went to work for Prof. Adams at Urbana-Champagne o 1926 Dr. Stine from DuPont o Started huge research center - Pew Research Group
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Unformatted text preview: o Looked for Synthetic Rubber & Silk replacement o 1929 - Synthetic Rubber - Polychloroprene Called process Addition Polymerization o 1930 - Polyethylene Terapthalate (PET) Polyester Wasn't able to spin into fibers that were strong enough o 1931 - Polyamide 66 Adipic Acid and Hexamethylendiamine Coined name Condensation Polymerization o Responsible for making DuPont company who it is today o Eventually took a Cyanide pill Discovered Fiber 66 was at least as strong as silk o Nylon became the trade name o Eventually made parachutes out of Nylon (which wouldn't have been possible otherwise)...
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