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Classical Greek - Classical Period Athenian...

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Classical Period Athenian Acropolis (Pericles, Phdias, Delian League, Persian Wars, Propylaia) After the Persian attacks, they needed to get funds for the rebuilding. A bunch of Polises formed together and formed the Delian League. They were going to remain independent, but they formed this to ensure no other attacks ever occurred. In addition, they would also put money into a treasury. Athens used the money to rebuild the Acropolis (other polises became really mad). Pericles- Director of the rebuilding of the Acropolis. Took the money from the treasury and used it Phidias- Primary figure in the reconstruction of the Acropolis. Sculptor of decorations inside and outside. Oversaw the reconstruction. Kallikrates and Iktinos, Parthenon, 447-438 Post and Lintel system Considered the most perfect building in ancient times. Complete balance, harmony, and achievement of Greek ideals. Using new mathematical system- proportion changed from 1:3 to 1:2 People thought it looked short at 1:2, so they added an extra column to appear proportionally beautiful. Even though the Greek use mathematics to be proportionate, they would rather have it visually appealing
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Entasis- straightening curved lines to adjust the mathematics
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