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The Last of Egypt

The Last of Egypt - • HuNefer has died led by...

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The Last of Egypt New Kingdom Inner Coffin of King Tutankhamun Used gold because it had the property of being everlasting. Just what they needed because the next life needed to be eternal Looks like Osiris/ King Tut Vulture goddesses on the waist shows vulture goddess holding hieroglyphics that says eternal life Funerary Mask of King Tut Made out of gold with inlayed glass and other expensive materials This was so well crafted despite only being in the bronze age and having only the simplest tools Last Judgment of HuNefer, c.1285 Painted scroll of the last judgment of HuNefer Rolled scroll made out of papyrus = rotulus Different stories all shown simultaneously, left to right
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Unformatted text preview: • HuNefer has died, led by Anubis (Jackal head, with human body) • Anubis then has a jar with HuNefer’s heart in it. Puts it on a scale to see if the heart is lighter than a feather. Must have no bad deeds. HuNefer passes • All the gods are looking to see if he passes • Horace presents HuNefer to Osiris himself. He passes and gets his afterlife. New Kingdom • Alexander the Great conquers Egypt o 332 BCE • Ptolemaic Dynasty (Ptolemy) o 323-30 BCE • Cleopatra- last of the Pharoahs • Battle of Actium- Romans take over o 30 BCE Roman Period Mummy Wrapping of a Young Boy, c. 100-120 CE • Egyptians add a portrait of the dead to the coffin •...
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