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From Authoritarianism to Democracy russia

From Authoritarianism to Democracy russia - alternative...

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From Authoritarianism to Democracy? The Soviet Union and Russia Models of Authoritarianism Oppressive structures Non-accountability of elites Subversion of democratic forms Directed participation Totalitarianism- Society is not separate from government. One entity. Karl Marx Labor theory of value- you have to produce to consume. Stored labor is not part of the labor theory of value Owners exploit workers Marxism- Leninism Revolution of the Bolsheviks in October Called for dictatorship of the proletariat aka workers The party as vanguard of the proletariat Democratic Centralism Discipline in the Communist Party Discussion until decision Obedience after decision Parallel Authorities A party structure for every government structure (local governments would be looked over by local communist party) The ideology provides the truth If the communist party has the truth, then why do you want to have any other
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Unformatted text preview: alternative operation? • Multiple parties confuse the situation • If you have the truth, then there is no need for opposition or another party Totalitarianism • Independent political life eliminated Results • Liberty limited to a few • Political oppression- since decisions are concentrated, then government has to tell people what to do, and the people have to do it • Economic stagnation- Reforms • Perestroika- Restructuring • Glasnost- openness. Need to allow people to be more freer and more opportunity as it exists Challenges to Gorbachev • Small changes lead to big changes • Creating a democratic political order • Liberalizing the economy- loosening up the economy. Providing entrepreneurship opportunity and other incentives • Forging a new national community. All other countries in the Soviet Union were somewhat independent...
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From Authoritarianism to Democracy russia - alternative...

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