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Holding Society Together Legitimacy “Rightness of things” Acceptance of the rightness of arrangements Coercion- The opposite of legitimacy Enforcement is the key to legitimacy Belief that one’s government conforms to recognized principles and standards Holds the people together so the police don’t always have to enforce all the rules There must be agreement that there are rules in society Authority The right to make decisions Governments must have legitimacy to survive Demoncracy Only one among many sources of legitimacy Doesn’t need to be democracy to be legitimate. Ex: communism was legitimate in USSR. Hiearchies were in old times showed legitimacy Political Culture Broadly shared ways of thinking o Cognitive orientations- what you know about the political system. Ex:
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Unformatted text preview: Safety patrol o Affective orientations- Do you like our politics? o Political parties, interest groups, etc. all stem from political culture o Does our democracy work? We ask questions like this. o We think that an individual’s success depends on the person’s effort, not the government. Hungary is the opposite. Political Socialization • Comes first and foremost from your parents • If both parents lean to one side, you’ll probably lean to that side • If both parents share different views, then you probably won’t vote • Political Socializatoin- How we get our ideas and feelings Constitutions • Include the fundamental rules for the state...
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