Whither Democracy in Russia

Whither Democracy in Russia - President President appoints...

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Whither Democracy in Russia? Challenges National Identity Privatization of the economy Establishment of democracy Two Kinds of Russian Conservatives Old style communists (trying to conserve communism) Traditionalists, nationalists Both argue: o Anti-privatization o Anti-Western (western world not tied to the welfare of the masses) o Anti- Democratic (parliament is not for the purpose of representation) The Other Side (Liberals) Classical Liberals (right winged) Similar to what we call economic- but not moral- conservatives in America Concerned about the liberty of the individual The Issues State ownership vs. Market economy Authoritarianism vs. Democratization Interest Articulation and Aggregation From statism (organizing political activity and other stuff by the state) to pluralism (many different groups of expressing political concerns) The slow development of a party system Democratic Structures
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Unformatted text preview: President President appoints a chairman (prime minister) that has a government Presidential Administration (office of the white house) Chiefs of Administartion (governors) of region Federal Assembly (houses and legislators) o State Duma Executive President Vladimir Putin Prime Minister (assistant to the president) and government Security and defense councils Legislature- the Federal Assembly Council of the Federation State Duma- looks more like the communist parliament Judiciary The courts The procuracy (combine investigation and prosecution together) The constitutional court Federal Structure 89 Overlapping units Ethnic national territories Russian territories Represented in the national legislature President appointed overseers in each unit Emerging Democracy?...
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Whither Democracy in Russia - President President appoints...

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