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Why Do We Have Governments

Why Do We Have Governments - Westminster Assembly • You...

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Why Do We Have Governments? Wherever people live together, there one finds politics and government Man in a State of Nature No community has never been found without some kind of recognized relationship/ structured organization In state of nature = o Without rules o Without order o Without prosperity Example: Iraq. Turns into civil war Hobbes Cavaliers vs. Puritans = English Civil War. Thought the English should have a king to rule. Social contract- the people will obey as long as the soveigrn (king) preserve peace “Life is solitary, mean, nasty, brutish, and short” Locke People in a state of nature are congenial and nice to a point Believed in a system of government with a social contract between the people and their government. Provides three things: o Known and settled law- must be clear and have an executive to execute the law o Legislation o Judicial Both Hobbes and Locke believed government is needed
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Unformatted text preview: Westminster Assembly • You need government to put people into context for peace Rousseau • “it once wasn’t that way” • Human beings are good in nature if left alone Marx • “It doesn’t have to be that way” • People are exploited. Laborers receive less than they should • Talks about bourgie society. The people get a lot for not working, while workers get nothing for working • Economic systems determines political system • A revolt will bring communism. The means of production will be in the hands of the people (the state). Will bring just and equal society. And the state, politics, and government is no longer needed Anarchists • “It wouldn’t have to be that way, if…” • Humans should be left alone • Government is the reason why we have evil in humans...
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Why Do We Have Governments - Westminster Assembly • You...

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