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War and Oil Video

War and Oil Video - Rommel shared Hitler’s vision and...

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War and Oil Video Hitler made the Autobahns Germany had no oil, so German chemists made synthetic oil. However, it was too expensive too make compared to regular oil Germans wanted a short war because they did not have the resources to sustain a long war Japan wanted oil too. Specifically, the Dutch Indes (Indonesia). Would be autonomous from everyone if they got that oil Needed to take out Pearl Harbor and navy fleet to get oil from Dutch Indes back to Japan Hitler wanted the oil fields in the Soviet Union. Invaded Russia. Attacks stalled. Hitler wanted to get oil field in the Caucuses while his other generals didn’t.
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Unformatted text preview: Rommel shared Hitler’s vision, and wanted to go through Africa to the Caucuses, so that way they controlled Africa, Europe, and Middle East. However, the British stopped them in Africa because Rommel had no oil. • US attacked Japan in the Pacific • US supplied oil for the Allies. General Patton would even steal some from other parts of the US army to fuel his part of the war. • American forces wanted to take out Germany’s synthetic oil plants • Had no fuel left, so Japanese chose Kamikaze to save fuel...
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