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Urban Public Issues Class Notes - Urban Public Issues Class...

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Urban Public Issues Class Notes Analyzing Controversy Is the dispute fundamental? Do people on each side really disagree? In a fundamental dispute, choosing one approach makes any other solution impossible; thus it is impossible to satisfy both sides. Ex: Choosing Virginia Tech- you can not choose another college to attend Controversy arises out of disagreement When people disagree with one another they: o Misunderstand one another (problem of understanding) o Use different facts or interpret the facts differently (factual disagreement). Ex: NRA used concealed weapons permit law to show that crime went down because of this when in actuality the government had to report crime in 1987 differently o Hold to different values, beliefs, and priorities Problems of understanding are evident when: o Each side uses different definitions for the same term o Each side describes the same problem in different ways o Each side complains that the other side just “doesn’t get it” When there are problems of understanding: o People tend to maintain a theoretical perspective and don’t offer concrete examples o People routinely use really or true as part of the argument o Each side demands expert validation When there is factual disagreement each side uses different “facts”- or interprets the same facts in different ways o They make conflicting statements about the same things. o Each side questions the validity and reliability of information provided by the other o Each complains the other side is misinformed (stupid or ignorant) Sometimes the problem is that different people have different values and beliefs Then we need to ask whether it is possible to “agree to disagree” in order to avoid conflict Larry v. Lockney The issue- are drugs really a problem? o Support- Cocaine bust, student high in class, kids were being picked up by drug dealers o Arguments against- Marijuana and alcohol real problem with the school. Cocaine not connected to school.
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Larry knows there is a drug problem, but he does not want his son’s privacy invaded when Larry trusts his son Fundamental dispute because he can’t choose to opt out of the drug testing Misunderstanding between the town and Larry. Townspeople believe the majority rules in this situation, but Larry believes the Bill of Rights still stands. Broad Impact Gets on the institutional agenda because the art teacher who saw the student high is married to a school board member. Tells her husband the incident. She is a policy entrepreneur Decision maker- The courts Others interested- ACLU, media No mandatory testing. Only for extracurricular activity because students are expected to be clean with such a close relationship with the school What’s the Difference between Discussion, Debate, and Deliberation? To “discuss” is to talk over with others in a n effort to reach agreement, to
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Urban Public Issues Class Notes - Urban Public Issues Class...

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