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Question set 2 1. Therapeutic and Reproductive a. Therapeutic: by cloning blastocysts stem cells are created which can be grown into any type of tissue in the body, and transplanted without having to worry about the body rejecting them. b. Reproductive: by fertilizing an embryo with the DNA from the same subject, once the embryo gestates, an exact genetic copy will be produced. 2. Therapeutic cloning may lead to a market for harvesting stem cells, and possibly turning humans into living spare parts. Reproductive cloning requires several embryos to be fertilized, while only one or two will end up fully gestating.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Causes damage to the lysosomes in liver cells. Also inhibits GABA neurotransmitter, causing an interruption of sensory info intake. 4. For a substance to enter the cytoplasm of a cell, it must: a. Be hydrophobic b. Be small and uncharged 5. a. The LDL receptor is made up of proteins, which recognize LDL with the active receptor site. b. Endocytosis is used for both cases. Endocytosis works by a small area of the plasma membrane sinking in, as the pocket gets deeper it pinches off leaving a vesicle containing the material from outside the cell....
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