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Hank Greene Question set 6 1. according to the readings, autism is both polygenic and multifactorial. 2. If there were to be an extra x-chromosome present, it could replace the mutated x- chromosome which is what causes autism. 3. Researchers could have used pedigree analysis to help find what members of the family were affected by autism, and the likelihood of their offspring also having autism. By using a pedigree researchers may be able to use this information to determine the probability of a family member to be born with autism. 4. a shape change in L10, which is a protein found in the area of the brain responsible for social function, learning, and memory, may halt the production of ribosomes, causing this area of the brain to stop developing. 5. One reason that may be the cause of autism is toxins entering the childs body
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Unformatted text preview: while it is still in the womb, another reason may be that the child suffered a sever viral infection at a young age that affected the childs brain. 6. a. The disorder displayed is autosomal recessive, because just as many females have as males do. It is recessive because there is an example of children who are affected even though neither of their parents are affected. b. 1-aa, 2- Aa or AA, 3-Aa, 4-aa 7. C1 has to be heterozygous because his parents’ genotypes are homozygous recessive and either homo or heterozygous dominant, this means that C1 HAS to have a recessive allele present in his genotype, even if it doesn’t affect his phenotype. 8. Tongue roller = Tt or TT, can’t roll tongue = tt, Detached lobes = Dd or DD, attached = dd. a. mother = TtDd; Father = ttdd; child = ttdd...
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