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Question set 8

Question set 8 - Hank Greene Question Set 8 1 The key...

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Hank Greene Question Set 8 1. The key experiment that showed that TMV was not caused by bacteria was when Martinus Beijerinck found that the infectious agent in the filtered sap could reproduce. 2. the two events that make us feel sick are whent 1) viruses damaging/killing our cells, which causes the release of hydrolytic enzymes from lysosomes, and can also cause infected cells to produce toxins which cause disease symptoms. 2) our body defending itself, such as a fever or aches are caused by your immune system trying to rid your body of the virus 3. A proximate reason that bacteriophage has not wiped out all bacteria is that bacterial cells are necessary for the virus to replicate. The ultimate reason is that the virus uses the lysogenic cycle to replicate without destroying the host cell. 4. One process in the reproduction of HIV that is targeted by new medicines is a single HIV protein that functions as a signal to regulate important steps in the replication cycle. a protease-inhibiting drug is another process targeted by new
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