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responce 2 - certain parts of the land that they had been...

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Ngoni Tsemunhu Dialogue and cultural Communication codes between Israeli Jews and Palestinians This passage reads about the problems the Jews and the Palestinians are having between each other. It does a good job at describing where the entire situation started from during the creation of Israel and the war between Israel and Palestine. It also read that the Israeli and Palestinians went to Norway sat down and wrote letters recognizing each other then they signed documents that were known as the declaration of principals that gave each state a ownership of
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Unformatted text preview: certain parts of the land that they had been fighting for. Shortly after the peace talks and the document signing the prime minister of Israel was assassinated and the peace talks took the back burner as more violence erupted within the region breaking the earlier signed agreements. Through all this the two states governments were still striving for peace between each other. This conflict brought negative stereotype to the region on the opposing state....
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