Ngoni Tsemunhu intercultural - Asian Countries and U.S...

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Ngoni Tsemunhu Intercultural relationships Co-cultural literature review 3/20/2008 Intercultural friendships Introduction: I chose this topic because from the time I was a young child I have always had friends of all races. Personally I don’t see people as colors I just try to see everyone for who they are. This topic really interests me because moving down south from up north I really noticed that here there is a lot more separation on the races but I still continue to see people for who they are. Zhang, Shuangyue, Merolla, Andy J. (2007): A Group Project on Communication and Intercultural Friendship.Find More Like This Identity issues: Docan, Tony, (2003 ) Building and Sustaining Intercultural Relationships: Public Perceptions and Practical Benefits of Friendships and Romantic Relationships in Intercultural Contexts. Chen, Yea-Wen, (2006) The Twain Have Met!: Investigating Crucial Indicators for Intercultural Friendship Levels Between International Students from Four East
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Unformatted text preview: Asian Countries and U.S. Americans. Community: • Gudykunst, William B, (1985) An Exploratory Comparison of Close Intracultural and Intercultural Friendships • Arasaratnam, Lily, Banerjee, Smita: (2006) Intercultural Attitudes and Experiences – The Anti Drug?: Examining the Moderating Effects of Social Initiative, Motivation and Intercultural Friendships. Bridging the gap: • Lee, Pei-Wen, (2006) Bridging Cultures: Understanding the Construction of Relational Identity in Intercultural Friendship • Morgan, Susan E., Arasaratnam, Lily A. (2006) Intercultural Friendships as Social Excitation: Sensation Seeking as a Predictor of Intercultural Friendship Seeking Behavior. *Movies like: Freedom writers, Remember the titans, National security, We are marcial, Against the ropes, Forest gump, Rush hour, Napoleon Dynamite, Man on fire, Guess who,...
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Ngoni Tsemunhu intercultural - Asian Countries and U.S...

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