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IAH 206 Self, Society, and Technology Ferkany SS08 Exam 2 Review Guide and Essay Questions Part I. Be prepared to answer definition, multiple choice, or true false questions about: a. More’s Utopia 1. The derivation and meaning of the word ‘utopia’ 2. The utopian ideal of the good life 3. Utilitarianism and its relationship to hedonism b. Singer and CAFOs 1. What CAFOs are 2. The ethical problems surrounding CAFOs 3. Singer’s sentientist/utilitarian animal rights view, what it says about ‘lifeboat’ situations 4. The meaning of Singer’s claim that all animals are equal c. Brave New World 1. The plot, major characters, and themes, as well as about the author and the social and scientific background in which the book was written 2. Social stability and the role of genetic engineering and psychopharmacology 3. The World State’s ideal of progress and the good life 4. Enlightenment versus technocratic conceptions of progress d. Psychopharmacology and enhancement 1.
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