wood notes - much more slowly than smaller lumber A heavy...

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o Test: ch. 1-5 (through lightwood construction) o 50 ?’s multiple choice o Example questions on web this weekend. o 9 questions from each chapter o Wood, foundations, lightwood frame, interior finishes o 5 HT ?’s o Oct 4 th : 730am-330pm 1hr 15min o Wood o Trusses: o Strength= repetition Triangles Heavier roof= closer together or bigger dimension lumber o (building code will tell you) Rectangles Used for in between floors Can put equipment in between (hvac) o Prefabricated or on-site fabrication o Timber: Used to show structure Heavy frame construction Different types of trusses Joints: No steel Fire Resistance o Large timbers, because they absorb heat, catch fire
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Unformatted text preview: much more slowly than smaller lumber. A heavy timber will continue to support its load long after an unprotected steel beam would have collapsed. Why? Steel melts and looses in structural property. Timber absorbs heat. Type IV construction; HT Subject to expansion (perpendicular to the grain) • Have to be positioned in a way to make up for expansion • *iron pintles Problems w/ HT construction? • Where to put material (drywall, siding) o Outside beams o In between beams • Where does equipment go? o Hvac o Electrical o Plumbing o insulation...
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wood notes - much more slowly than smaller lumber A heavy...

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