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INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION MATERIALS timber metals: iron (wrought> cast) manufacturing in industrial mode fire, ore, charcoal bloomery hearth fire, bellows, slag at the bottom, remove bellows, iron as a spongy block, remove fragments, iron reheated and hammered (remove charcoal and dirt) less than 0.1% carbon: wrought iron 1.7-4.5% carbon: cast iron 0.1-1% carbon: steel glass: clear Portland cement Basic core of contemporary concrete Original was not as good as pozzalona or contemporary STRUCTURAL SYSTEMS truss system ridge and furrow roof system caissons foundations JOINTS/CONNECTIONS cast iron spool rivet fasting system bolts and nuts welding TOOLS lifting and hoisting: great wheel, cranes (steam powered gantry crane, tower growing crane); DEVELOPMENT OF ARCHITECTURAL STYLE/CONSTRUCTION METHODS factories and warehouses exhibition halls towers separation of skeleton and skin integration of architecture and construction with math and science manpower> horsepower> water power (water wheel)> wind power (wind mill)> fire power
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