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38 Latin Stories Chapter 4 - 38 Latin Stories Chapter 4...

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Unformatted text preview: 38 Latin Stories Chapter 4 Story of Phathon Phaethon is the son of Phoebus. A friend of Phaethon doubted a rumor about his divine origin: "You are not the son of a god. You do not have a god's gift. Your story is not true." Great anger moved Phaethon: "I am the son of a god! Pheobus, deliver proof!" called Phaethon. Phoebus heard the boy and without delay flew from the sky. "Oh my son, what is your desire?" Phoebus asked. "Money? Wisdom? Life without pain?" Phaethon responded, "I desire to possess the reins and drive the sun chariot." Oh foolish boy! Evil is your plan. You do not want the god's duty. Phoebus warned his son, but the boy did not see the great danger. The horse was strong; Phaethon was not strong. Indeed the chariot wandered in the sky without a master. What did we see? Phaethon falling from the sky. Oh bad fortune! ...
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