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38 Latin Stories Chapter 5 - hundred eyes Mercury overcame...

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38 Latin Stories Chapter 5 – Adventures of Io Jupiter, king of the gods, loved the beautiful Io, but feared the wrath of Juno. Therefore he changed Io’s appearance: “Juno will not see a woman, but an ox.” Jupiter thought. Juno was not stupid: “Do you have a gift, my husband? Do you give me the beautiful ox Io? Give, if you love me!” Therefore Jupiter gave the ox to Juno. The ox remained with the great watchman, Argus. Argus had one
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Unformatted text preview: hundred eyes. Mercury overcame Argus, but had not yet freed Io: an evil gadfly remained with the ox. Io wandered through the land; many people saw her, but she did not have her own true form. Poor woman! Do you always have the form of an ox? Is your punishment not enough? Junos anger was not perpetual: Jupiter gave Io her human form. Then Io gave birth to a son. You will see the one hundred eyes of Argus on the tail of a peacock....
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