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38 Latin Stories Cleobis and Biton were the sons of Cydippe. Cydippe was a priestess of the goddess Juno. Cydippe saw a large statue of Juno that she desired. But the statue was far away, and Cydippe was not able to walk; the boys did not have an ox. Cleobis and Biton loved Cydippe; therefore they pulled the wagon themselves. The work was difficult, but the sons of Cydippe were strong. Now Cydippe
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Unformatted text preview: was able to see the statue; wherefore she prayed to Juno: “Oh beautiful goddess! Cleobis and Biton have good manner and virtue. Therefore give my sons the best reward.” Because of Cydippe’s prayer Juno gave the boys without delay death without grief. Cleobuis and Biton now were happy in everlasting peace....
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