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38 Latin Stories Chapters 1 - Pandora he did not think...

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38 Latin Stories Chapters 1-3 - Pandora’s Box Iapetus had two sons, Prometheus and Epimetheus. Prometheus was a man of great wisdom. Epimetheus was a man without wisdom. Jupiter gave Epimetheus a beautiful woman, Pandora. Prometheus often warned Epimetheus about Pandora: “Oh Epimetheus, you made a mistake! You do not see the danger. You are not responsible for taking the woman.” Epimetheus loved
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Unformatted text preview: Pandora; he did not think about the danger. Jupiter gave Epimetheus a box; no one was permitted to open the box. But Pandora was curious: What is in the box? A lot of money? A great number of jewels? The woman opened the box. Many tall figures flew forward and went astray. But Pandora kept safe hope in the box. Even if life is full of evil, hope will always remain....
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