A39334900 HW2 - Kaitlyn Rial A39334900 Understanding the...

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Kaitlyn Rial A39334900 Understanding the psychological philosophy behind managing stress can help lead to a more balanced lifestyle. Stress is the process by which we appraise and cope with environmental threats and challenges. If we allow too many challenges or daily tasks to pile up, we will create stress for ourselves; which, in turn, will lead to unhealthy outcomes. The stress response is part of a unified mind-body system. As observed by physiologist, Walter Cannon (1929), cold weather and stress-arousing challenges release stress hormones called epinephrine and nor epinephrine. Mixed with glucocorticoid, released by the outer adrenal glands, hormones from the inner adrenal glands work together to push through each challenge and supply enough stamina to keep energy levels up. This concept relates most with college kids right now. With the significant temperature drop and final exams students are bound to become stressed out. Also the buildup of excessive stress can bog down the immune system making the body more susceptible to disease. Stress creates a competing energy need and renders us more vulnerable to illness. Despite the negative effects, stress can be positive by arousing the brain to conquer problems and tackle challenges. Stress can be managed through various ways including aerobic exercise, relaxation, and meditation. Exercise releases mood-boosting chemicals that relax our nerves and help with anxiety and depression. It also strengthens our heart and increases blood flow which lowers blood pressure, a reaction of stress. Relaxation and meditation helps to relieve headaches,
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A39334900 HW2 - Kaitlyn Rial A39334900 Understanding the...

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