creativity essay - Bob Fosse: A Jazz Prodigy The evolution...

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Bob Fosse: A Jazz Prodigy The evolution of Broadway came far before this creative innovator. The future, however, was greatly influenced by his style and ambition. Bob Fosse was the leading choreographer of his time. He was and is to this day the most influential man in jazz dance history. With his risqué use of sexuality and body movement, Fosse forever changed the paths of traditional musicals in America. Fosse was born in 1927 in Chicago, Illinois to a Norwegian family who dedicated their lives to theater and dance. At age nine, Fosse was enrolled in the Frederick Weaver Ballet School, where he was the only male in attendance. He grew as a dancer, and by the time he reached high school, he was a prodigy. He joined another young dancer, Charles Grass, at age 13, and toured around the Chicago area. They called themselves the ‘Riff Brothers’. At age 15, Fosse choreographed his first number for his later hit, Cabaret . His choreography was said to be too risqué for his time but this sort of sexually suggestive movement shaped his soon to be famous style. After high school, Fosse was hired on the Tough Situation show where he toured Naval Academies along t he pacific. Here he claimed to have perfected his abilities as a choreographer, performer, and director. Broadway called his name in 1950 where Fosse performed his first debut number, Dance Me a Song. He wasn’t sure of this sort of path, for he thought he might have a future in theater. Bob Fosse took a break from New York where he headed off to Hollywood and signed a contract
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creativity essay - Bob Fosse: A Jazz Prodigy The evolution...

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