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1 Political Controversy in Mainstream Media People assume that the news is entirely based on cold hard facts. Come election time television stations are loaded with ads and coverage on potential candidates. How do citizens distinguish what is fact or what is opinion? When a news station is made up of conservative or liberal anchors who occasionally throw in innuendos pertaining to their own personal opinions, it’s hard for people to make decisions on their own. Media bias is a growing problem in today’s society. The media is the main resource in communicating day to day information on local, national, and global levels. The way society thinks and shapes their beliefs is highly determined on what is in the news, especially politically. Bias is a personal and sometimes unreasonable prejudice that needs to be recognized by viewers. In a poll taken in 2005 by Gannet’s First Amendment Center for the American Journalism Review, 64 percent of Americans feel that the media reports with bias and 74 percent believe that individual reporters favor one political side. It’s just a question about which side they are on. When people see a journalist, immediately the stereotype “liberal” takes place. From the journalists’ standpoint, they say they don’t take sides at all. Surprisingly, both assumptions are incorrect. Conservatism is the unexpected norm that’s raising charts in media polls. Americans assume all news and its people are liberals, although, it appears that it is just a myth. Liberals are
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media bias research paper (Autosaved) - 1 Political...

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