news analysis essay - WRA 150 September 4, 2007 Behind the...

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WRA 150 September 4, 2007 By Kaitlyn Rial A39334900 Behind the Scenes of International and Nationally Viewed News Every morning at 9:00 A.M. most news broadcasting stations sit down and brainstorm breaking news, main headline news, and all the fluffy stuff they use as soft news. This happens all over the world, all containing some of the same headlines. Although, how the news is interpreted and broadcasted highly differs from country to country. In viewing a major American news broadcast and the British BBC World News, it is evident the similarities and differences between the two country’s news broadcasts. Key similarities and differences appear in each country’s perceptions of important news and biased information, gender roles and appearances, and the overall production of the public broadcast. “If it bleeds, it leads,” is a common phrase used in today’s journalistic world. Whether it is local, national, or international, all lead stories contain blood, gore, or war. This is the same in the U.S. as it is in Great Britain. Although that news in the U.S. is sponsored commercially while news in Great Britain is government run, all lead stories have the same intensity. Iraq, the Germany bombing plot, and Hurricane Felix are all major headlines in today’s news. People in America thrive for news that is shocking and brings terror; it is brought by popular demand; whereas in Great Britain, it’s simply broadcasted to portray the news without drama.
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news analysis essay - WRA 150 September 4, 2007 Behind the...

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