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SuperSizeMe - Supersized People Supersized Paychecks Morgan...

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Supersized People, Supersized Paychecks Morgan Spurlock was sitting “on his mother’s couch on Thanksgiving Day, stuffed to the gills” when he heard about two young girls who were attempting to sue McDonalds for making them obese, according to then girlfriend, Alex Jamieson in an interview from www.futuremovies.co.uk. Humored by the thought of people placing blame for their lack of self-control, and curious as to whether or not McDonalds honestly expected customers to include their food regularly in their diet, he decided to investigate. Spurlock decided to go on a “McDiet” for a month, and prearranged a set of rules to go by. The rules were as follows: he must fully eat three McDonalds meals per day, only consuming items purchased from McDonalds; he must sample every item on the menu at least once; he must “supersize” when, and only when, asked; and, finally, he must attempt to walk only what the average American walks in a day, which is approximately 5000 steps, or 2.5 miles. He consulted Daryl M. Issacs MD (Internal Medicine), Lisa Ganjhu DO (Gastroenterologist), and Dr. Steven Siegel MD (FACC Cardiologist) before and throughout the entire experiment to track his health. When he began, he was very healthy in many ways. After the first week, the doctors advised him to slow down his intake, and one told him he should stop completely. By the end of the 30 day binge, he had gained
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over 20 pounds and put himself at stake for many health risks. He ate the amount of fast-
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