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March 25, 2008 The Modern Experience Irish Background: Catholic minority dominated by a Protestant minority in Ireland. Yeats believed Ireland should have its own identity, Celtic culture, and not be a part of European society, also believed in a violent solution. Joyce believed this was foolish, was a pacifist. Deliberately titles Ulysses to distinguish himself from Yeats. Yeats was protestant, Joyce Catholic. Joyce went into exile because he believed he was serving 3 masters: British Empire, Roman Catholic Church, and Ireland itself for odd jobs. Parnell: important figure in Irish history, political leader who wanted an alliance with British Parliament, became a heroic figure, a protestant who wasn’t liked by the Catholics. Brought down by an affair with a Catholic woman who was legally divorced but not by the church, Kitty O’Shea. Was also implicated in terrorism, seems like he knew about the Phoenix park murders. Yeats’ Political Poetry:
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