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Unformatted text preview: March 24, 2008 The Roman Experience • Eques/Equestrians-can afford to equip a horse for battle, a high class in the census. • Later, if one had the wealth status to become a senator, but is not one, called an equestrian. Could have both in the same family. • Roman term for empire is imperium, which means “rule” or “command.” Mostly refers to military command. Socius-Latin word for alliances with other places Rome has conquered, who are then required to assist with military battles. Foedus- protected the conquered against attackers as well. Romans themselves did most of their fighting, allies just helped out. • Someone who had done well in batter was called an Imperator; only for battle, not an official rank. Roman emperors got their title from this word, but didn’t mean anything in the Roman republic. • Allies who could speak Latin fought alongside the Romans, in the same manner, same dress etc. Those who could not were called upon to serve in auxillium, as a support troop, i.e. cavalry and light-armed soldiers. support troop, i....
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