Lecture 1 Introduction to genetics - Degeneration of the...

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BIO 133 Jan 16, 2008 Introduction to Genetics Current Events: Autism is related to chromosome 16 Genes and Alleles Segment of DNA (Codes for protein) Allele variant of a gene Sickle Cell Anemia Caused by mutated gene codes for component of hemoglobin Defective hemoglobin Single Base substitution CTT-CAT DNA and RNA DNA - deoxyribonucleic acid o Double Stranded o ATGC RNA - ribonucleic acid o Single stranded o AUGC Chromosomes Long strand of DNA and protein Each chromosome has many genes Humans has 46 chromosomes Genome All genes of an organism Humans genome has 30,000 genes Corn has 30,000 genes C. Elegans has 10,000 genes Genotype and phenotype Genotype - An organisms alleles Phenotype - How these alleles are expressed CMT (Charlotte Marie Tooth) Autosomal Dominant condition
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Unformatted text preview: Degeneration of the nerves from controlling muscular movement Karyotype- A visual representation of chromosomes. Can see the disfunction trisomy 21 Mendelian traits Studies about a single gene Multifactorial Traits Traits caused by one or more genes and the environment Examples of these would be height, eye color, hypertension, breast cancer and diabetes Breast Cancer Genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 contributes to the development of breast cancer Non genetic factors- Diet, menopause, having a child after 30, alcohol use and radiation Genetic Risks Risk factor- Threatening situation Absolute risk- probability that someone will develop it Relative risk- Probability that someone will develop it compared to a population...
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Lecture 1 Introduction to genetics - Degeneration of the...

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