CLASS NOTES3 - o Viruses o Worms o Trojans o Backdoors o...

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CLASS NOTES – MIS 204 – SEPTEMBER 25, 2007 PART I Privacy Accuracy Property Accessiblity I. Privacy Court ruling privacy is not absolute Balance Society vs. Private Personal information; lots of databases (hospital, schools, banks, police) Internet blogs/bulletins/networking sites (Facebook/MySpace/BlogSpot) Globalization International laws Factors that Increase Threat of Information Security Computers— affordable and powerful Internet More people are computer literate Types of Threats
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Unintentional · Human error (%50) · Environment (Fire, floods, lightning) · Computer System Failings (Defective parts) Intentional · Espionage · Information Extortion (Employee stealing information) · Social Engineering (Kevin Mitnick) · Sabotage (Cyberterrorism) · Theft · Stealing intellectual property · Software Attacks
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Unformatted text preview: o Viruses o Worms o Trojans o Backdoors o Botnets (Zombies) o Cookies o Phishing (Deceptive email to gain personal information) o Pharming (Website hijack) § Ways of Protection: · Firewalls · AntiVirus · OS Updates · AntiSpyware/Spamware Protecting Information Physical (alarm system, backup system) Access (focus on identifying user; biometric recognition, ID/smart cards, passwords) Communication (networks; firewalls, encryption) Disaster Recovery Plan Identifying critical parts of an operation Disaster Avoidance Plans § Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) § Backups · Cold Site Backups (Stored off-site on another medium; disk) · Warm Site Backups (Off-site on computers on regular basis) · Hot Site Backups (Simultaneously duplicating off-site)...
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CLASS NOTES3 - o Viruses o Worms o Trojans o Backdoors o...

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