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benefits of 5 year plan - production unlike any other seen...

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The 5-year plan consisted of 13 Small plans which were designed to work together to speed up economic growth. The first began in 1928 and the last ended in 1991. Stalin saw that the USSR was far behind other countries and devised this plan to catch up. This plan produced many benefits for the USSR and their economy and helped to build up the strength of the country in many ways. To begin with the coal and iron production of the country increased their output so that the amount doubled. There were 1500 new industrial plants that were built during only the first plan and electric power tripled in production. Also this first plan was viewed as a success because the poorer people were able to live better and the country was also completing its’ task of catching up with other countries. The second plan also had several benefits such as the first. During this plan there was an increase in steel
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Unformatted text preview: production unlike any other seen before. This put the Soviet Union in the race close behind Germany, which was a leader in steel production. Also the chemical and metallurgy industries which were fairly new gained size. During the fourth and fifth plan the only real benefit came from Germany who helped in reconstruction after war. During the sixth plan, Stalin was succeeded by Nikita Khrushchev who created the Virgin Lands Campaign. During the seventh and eighth plan progress was very slow but in the ninth plan trade of grain began to increase bringing more power to the economy. In the eleventh year plan 42 million tons of grain were imported which was much greater than that in the ninth and tenth year plans. The plan was eventually ended in 1991 when the dissolution of the Soviet Union occurred....
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