Manorialism - Manorialism and Feudalism In medieval Europe,...

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Manorialism and Feudalism In medieval Europe, the agrarian society was defined by manorialism. With innovations such as the advent of the three-field rotation system and the steel- tipped plow, farming in the middle-ages became more advantageous and efficient. It was in this period that we see the birth of monumental implements such as the windmill and the use of iron, which is far more durable than wood, throughout the farm. All of these innovations gave way to increased production and efficiency. These breakthroughs took place and were under wide use throughout Europe and on the manor. The manor was the central object for organization during the Middle Ages. It was the economic and political center of it's region, allowing for governance and order. The manor was a tightly organized community of field hands and peasants under the control and authority of a lord. Effectively, the manor was composed by everything a community needed to function. Within the lands were the fields to which the serfs tended to (both their own and the lord's to which they tended). There were also the common lands which were areas of hunting, fishing, and cultivation. Among the grounds there were various branches of production; being blacksmiths, leather-works, mills, bakeries, butcher shops, and presses (for oil or
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wine). There were also places to purchase clothing, shoes, tools, and weapons. One of the central figures within each community was the church, headed usually by a single priest. The role of the lord was something simple in nature but the system was
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Manorialism - Manorialism and Feudalism In medieval Europe,...

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