Cluniac Reform and Investiture Crisis

Cluniac Reform and Investiture Crisis - The Cluniac Reform...

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The Cluniac Reform and Investiture Crisis After the Roman empire fell, the whole of Europe became entangled in a grandiose latticework of property claims by an endless collection of lords from all over. It was sort of exponential in the fact that when a landholder died, his properties were often split between his heirs, effectively cutting up the continent further and further. Caught up in this menagerie of political and property strife was the Church. Abbeys and monasteries had to answer not only to the Pope, but also owner of the land that their establishment rested on. It brought about the question of who was to answer to who; ultimately, the king or the Pope. It wasn't until the year 910 A.D. that things began to change. In that year, Duke William of Aquitaine , or William the Pious, established the Abbey of Cluny among his lands. The Abbey of Cluny would only be answerable to the Pope and not a lord. This was the first step towards the separation of the secular world and the Church, and this effectively brought about the Cluniac Reform. The Cluniac Reform movement saw the return to a true and traditional monastic life. By the 11th century, the Abbey of Cluny had become the center of western Monasticism, and besides the Vatican itself, the Abbey became the most central institution of the Church. Part of this can be attributed to the succession of
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the highly competent abbots of the order, leading the way for Church doctrine and organizational establishment. The Abbey became the central figure of other abbeys which attached themselves to the federation. This allowed for the separation of the
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Cluniac Reform and Investiture Crisis - The Cluniac Reform...

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