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Ashton Blake Sutton 000806236 Chromosomes 1. Chromosomes This website gives information on the composition, structure and information about chromosome numbers. 2. Human Chromosomes This website gives information about structures and stains of chromosomes. 3. Chromosomes and Heredity This website talks about how chromosomes are passed from parents to the offspring. 4. What Can Our Chromosomes Tell Us? This talks about how you can find genetic information from our chromosomes. 5. DNA From The Beginning This talks about the early works of scientists and how they first began to study chromosomes and DNA. 6. Genes, Chromosomes, and Cancer
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Unformatted text preview: This talks about how some people are prone to getting cancer based on their chromosomes. 7. Chromosomes and Gender This website talks about the differences in chromosomes in male and females. 8. Human and Ape Chromosomes This talks about the difference in human and ape chromosomes and how ancestors can be traced. 9. Genetics: Cell Division- Chromosomes This website gives basic information about chromosomes. 10. Chromosomes and Genetic Mapping This talks about how each chromosome has genes on it to trace genetic information....
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