Drama1 - Plot Character Thought vs Theme Diction …...

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Drama 115 1/14/08 Drama vs Theater Drama- play, script, text itself- work of literature Theater- performance, Recipe Blueprint Sheet Music Travel Guidebook Text (Dramaturgy) How use basic building blocks and make them their own Styles Context (Hist/Lit/Biog/Theatrical) Bigger Picture, Historical, biographical influence on piece Supertext/Subtext (outer/inner) What controls the characters, what’s beneath the surface Form + Content Tradition + Innovation Intention to reach audience- follow tradition or rebel against Resonance + Legacies What past plays have to offer us today, what contemporary plays draw on Elements of Drama: Aristotle’s Six Classical vs Modern
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Unformatted text preview: Plot Character Thought vs Theme Diction … 1930/1960/1990 Same elements but interpretations provoke different thoughts Romeo and Juliet 1936- Older Actors- less passion, more formal, tradition of the 30s, static, white dress- innocence/purity 1968- new tradition of younger actors, more passion/ intimacy, dramatic, different interpretations of the characters, color choices- red dress- archetype of passion. 1990s- angel costume- purity, knight in shining armor, music sets scene and adds to dramatic effect, young characters mature for their age, less formal, different themes with diff interpretations...
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Drama1 - Plot Character Thought vs Theme Diction …...

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