ESM2204samplefinal_2008 - Name: __________________________...

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Unformatted text preview: Name: __________________________ ESM 2204 (las t, firs t) Samp le Fina l Exam December xx, xxxx Closed book, closed notes, and one 8.5 11 formula sheet allowed. Please make sure your test includes 7 multiple choice problems and one work-out problem. Show all work on this test. Instructor reserves right to give no credit without all work shown. I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this test. _______________________ (sig natu re) MULTIPLE CHOICE (7 points each no partial credit) 1. The connection shown below consists of five steel plates, each 3/16 in. thick, joined by a single in. diameter bolt. The total load transferred between the plates is 1200 lb, distributed among the plates as shown. The largest shearing stress in the bolt is most nearly Answer: 7330 psi Sample Final Exam 2 2. A 9-m-long, simply supported steel beam AC is to carry the loading conditions shown. Knowing that the allowable normal stress for the grade of steel to be used is 125 MPa, the minimum required...
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ESM2204samplefinal_2008 - Name: __________________________...

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