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The Greeks Nov 14 Thucydides, unique, but still influenced by others; incorporates Homer, Herodotus, Hippocratic Medicine, Sophists, 5 th century Athens, and others Greeks find it natural to look on contests (antilogy) as a way of finding out the truth of things; Thucydides carries this in the form of his sentences and chapters, fondness of setting up speakers against one another Dense, abstract, writings that have a lot to say but are not wordy; yet they are complex Confines himself to what he has observed; looking to the future, like Herodotus, but in a different way Greeks extraordinarily political (centered on society, community); never a more political
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Unformatted text preview: historian than Thucydides Greeks in Thucydides’ time thought of themselves as heirs to their fathers and grandfathers winning of wealth through Persian War Two faces of Athens Athens became dependent on imperial income, and when it stopped coming because of the Peloponnesian wars, Athens was defeated Standard of leadership declined after Pericles; Pericles asked to give funeral memorial speech in first year of Pel. Wars (Thucydides writes of this); Pericles tries to buck-up the spirits of Athenians, reason for speaking ideally and encouragingly; dissention brings strength...
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