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The Greeks October 26

The Greeks October 26 - everything “on the nature of...

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October 26, 2007 The Greeks Hippokrates (Kos)- founder of medicines/physicians, Other “schools” located in Knidos and Kroton Pindar’s summary of traditional medicine: - Drugs- Phmarica in Greek, - Song- Call on the Gods for help with hymns and songs - The Knife- surgery used as last resort, to remove arrows/foreign objects and at times, kidney stones The “sacred disease”- epilepsy, it was thought that the gods were taking control of ppl minds. Hippokrates did not agree with this view, he admitted that doctors did not know
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Unformatted text preview: everything. “on the nature of children”- author told ppl to take 20 eggs and crack one each day to see the development of the chick Epidemics- describes doctors who would move from city to city and they would record the findings on there patients. Empirical- based not on theory but on experience, Hippokrates supported this idea Diaita Hippokratic oath- religious oath for doctors on behavior with patients CB Reading page 141-142...
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