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drama2 - always triumph • Clear-cut Morality o Basic...

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Vocab Genre- “Kind” , “type” Melodrama, Tragedy, Comedy, Farce Melodrama- nothing mellow about it Serious, Comic, Musical Strong wish fulfillment From French meaning “music-drama” – didn’t need permission to stage an opera- musical accompaniment got around license Popular, Escapist, Sentimental o Want to reach large audience- straightforward in protagonist/antagonist o Takes away complexity, Good and Bad. Nothing in between and good will
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Unformatted text preview: always triumph • Clear-cut Morality o Basic level of processing with less thought effort • Whole Characters o Don’t suffer internal division, external conflicts only • External Conflict • Focus on Plot • Emotional Appeal o Theme park ride –esque • Restores Status quo o If good triumphs over evil, no need to change...
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