Drama3 - no clear division of good and evil b/c intentions...

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Forms and Styles Melodrama Realism [Naturalism] Expressionism- “Historical Trappings, scenic conventions, narrow traditions, hackneyed situations that were planned, drama will either die or become moder”- Solo, agreeing with ibsim. Epic Theatre Absurdism A Doll House (1879) Vocab: Modernism - form and content relationship with modernist artists (real/natural/express)- reject what has come before to express what is true and unique, “Tragedy of Modern Times” Ibsen says: two kinds of conscience in men and women, don’t understand but are judged by it. Instincts vs faith and authority, and society is male POV, gives mental conflict Realism -rebelling against surface illusion of a well-made play: first seems formulaic- central figure punished or not? Conventional thoughts beliefs, luring the audience in- don’t know what’s next, Accessible Linear Daily Behavior Stable world Empathy
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Unformatted text preview: no clear division of good and evil b/c intentions were right, not cut and dry, more ambiguous, not conventional happy ending, conflict is to draw attention to internal conflict, internally divided characters, || How Not a Melodrama : Divided Characters Real internal conflicts Moral/Ethical Ambiguity Goal: Freedom from Bondage of illusion Themes of A Doll House: Society comment- Gender Roles Act 1: Krogstad: “Laws don’t inquire into motives Nora: Then they must be very poor laws Society isn’t as supportive as she thought until she came to a personal crisis Marriage, Morality Law Gender Family Economics- Conventional values- living comfortably Greek Mimesis: Illusionistic, Minimizing Theatrically- littlee scenery, partial illusion, Now capture reality as best as cane- imitate reality effectively with depth. Christmas: Rebirth, renewal, family,...
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Drama3 - no clear division of good and evil b/c intentions...

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