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Paper Prompts- Compare contrast themes of plays and explore how they were treated differently Two playwrights discuss the subject matter of another’s work- dialogue form Dramatists’ death match- dramatic strategies instead of physical violence Approach the differences- what separates one from another and include the context of the time- society Provide SUPPORT- plays/class/ other research, don’t have to include biographical info- don’t summarize the play, don’t list facts. Address basic components Doll House 1879, Julie- 1878 Importance of Being Earnest- Oscar Wilde Modernist spirit and revolt in late 19 th century Works within the commercial system from the start – between popular appeal and critique of society Victorian Period Values o Fear of open expression or suggestive subject matter, sexuality (women covered up), o Rigid Propriety, sense of decorum –openly mocked in the play o Rigid Social Class System- balance of societal hierarchy (but potential for overturning the society-- middle class is gaining ground)
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