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ENG101 project2 Allport - The Formation of In-Groups Gordon...

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The Formation of In-Groups Gordon Allport In The Formation of In-Groups , Allport explained what an in-group was and how everyone was a part of one. Allport was the Head of Harvard University's Department of Psychology. Allport uses many good sources as evidence and support to his theories. Allports theory was that everyone forms in-groups and everyone is apart of many in-groups. In-groups can be anything from families, sports teams, races, religion, friends, people from the same country, high school, state, democratic party, or any number of things. In-groups are formed because people have something in common, so naturally these people want to be around the same type of people. Allport says that people prefer to with other people or things that are familiar with them, and anything different is inferior. Allport talked about sex as an in-group. He stated that men were superior and the in-group while women were the out-group. He also spoke of young children preferring to play with other children of the same sex. Up until fourth grade the children didn’t mind playing with kids of the opposite sex. When asked at the sixth grade level, almost all of
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ENG101 project2 Allport - The Formation of In-Groups Gordon...

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