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October 10 - Co-opted=bought off Cooptation-by the...

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Chapter 13 Red-baiting=used to refer communists, socialists, Soviet Union Demonizing-Creating “enemies”. Creating “the enemy of those who would abolish capitalism The whole history of the 20 th century can be interpreted very differently from the dominant discourse about the “socialism that was tried and failed everywhere” Stratification-built in inequality Labor unions(purged of communists) were legitimized.
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Unformatted text preview: Co-opted=bought off Cooptation-by the sugar-coated contract Hegemony-dominance McCarthyism-scared into silence academic and other liberals in the white middle class. Capitalism itself and national capital stereotyped by “commies” and “pinkos” or about “white trash” and “rednecks”. She said top pg. 169 and bottom pg. 168 were very important...
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