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September 24 - The consequences of joining the nation...

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September 24, 2007 Elites gained control by creating an enemy that they said we all needed to rally against, even if it was a fake enemy. Most of the advantages for whites at the bottom were fiction. War makes profits for the capitalists, this is why they were so in favor of war. People who previously had a particular position in the drainage system, as wealth became more concentrated at the top, got pushed down in the system. Read Handouts Even whites were divided into groups based on definitions of whites made by elites, this made whites feel inequality. The changing definitions of whiteness Northern elites gain control over southern factory and plantation owners. How did the elites control unfair labor, wage labor and slave labor? Through the Klan 1900-incorporations are incorporated and the changes because of this
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Unformatted text preview: The consequences of joining the nation through transportation links-railroad, improved roads, etc. How were people driven into wage labor? The Populist Revolt- The Farmer’s Alliance, strengths and weaknesses Jim Crow segregation, how did it work, who benefited, and who did not benefit The ability to see reality, the ability to get beyond the lies that elites told, and how blacks had a unique way of looking at how everyone was being fooled, they could see what needed to really happen The Tobacco Wars-what were they about and what were the strengths and flaws. The Exclusionary Nativist The Producer Egalitarians Who were the people that challenged the capitalist group and why did they oppose their views. How did the propaganda machines work? Manufacturer of Consent Squashing dissent...
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