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SOC 241 notes Oct. 5th - Filf Birth of a Nation produced by...

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Unformatted text preview: Filf Birth of a Nation produced by Kentuckian D.W. Griffith, was the most technologically advanced film of its time. It lauded the reconstruction klan in its role as the savior of pur white womanhood and was shown all over the country. Woodrow Wilson praised the film. The Klan conception of: Jewish conspiracy, biological racial hierarchy, national communism-som The Klan siphoned off every white Protestants and set them against the rest; radical communism that gained its greatest support from immigrants, both Catholic and Jewish From the point of view of the elite, anything that could split this potential alliance among people being drained was beneficial, even if it meant putting up with rhetoric denouncing them as blood-sucking capitalists. This is exactly what the Klan did. It refocused protest energy into a protest that, compared to communism, was far less dangerous to the elite. It used its huge propaganda machine to tell precariously middle-class Whites that the root of their problems with national capital was actually with the Jews,...
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