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                                                                                                                         Jeremy Kaller English 202 Notes (Part 3) The Victorian Age Medievalism -spirit or body of beliefs, customs, or phrases of the middle ages. -devotion to, or acceptance of the ideas of the middle ages. -scholarly study of the middle ages. Tennyson The Epic (p.1127) -Francis Allen (host), narrator (went to college w/ these guys), parson Holmes (comic relief), Everard Hall (poet). -Christmas eve. -lines 14-18: parson talks about church missionaries, general decay of faith. -Francis says y’all are too serious, reads a poem on King Arthur. -12 books, only one saved from the flame. -sitting in silence after the end of the story. -Narrator dreams of Arthur coming again, looking like a Victorian gentleman. The Passing of Arthur (p.1201) -line 170: King Arthur and Sir Bedivere -line 176: Arthur carried to a chapel surrounded by water with a full moon. -line 182: what’s on Arthur’s mind? -worried about the future- his kingdom, round table has fallen, Camelot is gone. -Asks Bedivere to throw Excalibur into the lake (line 205). -Bedivere is upset by this and can’t do it b/ c he wants s/t to remember Arthur by, so he hides it and lies to Arthur and tells him that he threw it. But Arthur knows he lied. -line 289: “authority forgets a dying king” -2 times Bedivere can’t throw away Excalibur, but the 3 rd time he doesn’t look and throws it into the lake, and the lady reclaims it. -tells Arthur, Arthur goes down to the water. -line 361: “stately forms” (ln 364), 3 queens come to get him, take Arthur and row away. -What values and principles are lost with Arthur’s death? What persists with Bedivere? -the magic of Excalibur is gone -hope -the fellowship Arthur built is gone. -loyalty to Arthur’s cause. -Arthur’s politics are gone. -line 430: going to Avalon/ dying, but going to heaven, but possibility he could return. -last line: “and the new sun rose bringing the new year.” Tithonus (p.1125) -ultimate may-december marriage. -asks for immortality, and gets it, but forgets to ask for youth. -But his wife, the goddess Aurora, is young, new again every morning. -caught between endless decay and eternal newness (incomplete embrace btw the couples b/c they come from different worlds). -Tithonus envies the mortal who get to die.
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notes (part 3) (compatible) - Jeremy Kaller English 202...

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